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Diabetic Foot Pain Relief

You should know that nicotine is harmful to bone healing, wound healing, as well as diabetic foot circulation. Nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine gum and patches are certainly better than smoking, because they contain fewer chemicals and toxins. But if possible, you should avoid smoking as well as nicotine substitutes, while healing is taking place. Although it has been considered a major factor for a very long time, studies show that this happens to be one of the very first to reveal a certain factor between having an amputations and having a loss of sensation. Loss of nerve damage comes from having high levels of sugar in the blood.

Exercise – Along with reducing weight, exercise can help improve circulation and condition your feet. Walking is often the best exercise for diabetics. However, you should consult with your primary care physician as well as your podiatrist before adopting an exercise regimen. (Also, be sure to ask your podiatrist about the best kind of shoes to wear while exercising. He or she is sure to have some good ideas.) Gary Gibbons, medical director for the South Shore Hospital Center for Wound Healing in Weymouth, Mass., was part of a research team that published a report on the cost of diabetic foot care.

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Another measure is to check the sole of your feet, if possible, every night. What to look for? Ensure there are no cracked heels as it can possibly lead to small wounds that may go unnoticed. Use a good cream to repair the cracked heels. Also look out for any signs of wounds. If you are not able to examine it closely, have someone check it for you. This is one of the simplest self-check that you can do. Do not let laziness prevent you from carrying out this check. You will be thankful that you had done it as you can detect problems early and seek medical attention.

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Article body (HTML version) How does a diabetic know if they have poor circulation in their feet? There is an increased incidence of peripheral arterial disease in diabetics. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is defined as a narrowing or blockage of arteries that results in poor blood flow to your legs. When you walk or exercise, your leg muscles do not get enough blood flow and you can get painful cramps. The exact cause of plaque buildup in the limbs is unknown in most cases. However, there are some conditions and habits that raise your chance of developing poor circulation.

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